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Nokia's Foursquare-enabled vending machine offers free smartphones, Butterfingers (video)

Sure, it's one thing to hit up the vending machine at work to get your Doritos fix, but free gifts? That's exactly what Nokia's doing at the Skypark in Glasgow for the city's Social Media Week with the help of 1000heads. Dubbed the "Nokia Gift Machine," it allows event attendees to obtain one free gift per day including candy from the US of A, Nokia accessories and even smartphones for a lucky few. All it takes is a quick Foursquare check-in with #NokiaConnects followed by a share over Twitter, and a goodie-filled tube will be yours for the taking. It'll only be in place until the 23rd, so if you're there and haven't given it whirl, consider this a quick heads-up from your friends at Engadget. Plus, who doesn't love getting awesome stuff for free? Exactly. Full details in the PR past the break.

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The vending machine where you 'check in' to win

1000heads creates Foursquare-enabled 'gift machine' to support Nokia @ Social Media Week

The second Social Media Week of 2011 is in full swing and across the world key cities are gathering together in the name of learning about social media's role in society. In celebration of this, Nokia set out to make the simple things you see every day... a little more amazing. To do this 1000heads has created a Foursquare-enabled vending machine. The 'Nokia Gift Machine' – as we've taken to calling it – will be in at Social Media Week Glasgow [#smwgla], from 19th through 23rd of September.

And the premise is simple, anyone who spots the Nokia Gift Machine should follow the instructions printed on the Foursquare logo on the front

Open Foursquare on your phone
Find the Nokia Gift Machine @ SMW
Check-in using the #NokiaConnects hashtag
Share to Twitter
Collect your prize


There are over 1000 different prizes to be given away over the week, ranging from candy bars imported from the US through various Nokia accessories and of course, perhaps there might be a phone or two inside to collect!

This activity, alongside other work around the world, builds on Nokia + 1000heads' 'random acts of kindness' activity from February earlier this year - -

Craig Hepburn, Global Director of Digital & Social at Nokia, comments, "The Nokia Gift Machine @ SMW is a fantastic example of our commitment and support to our global partnerships. Incorporating Foursquare into this Social Media Week activity in this way not only builds on our 'random acts of kindness' theme from earlier this year but also demonstrates how online activity can deliver true results and rewards offline – a thought Nokia has been ahead of the game with for some time. Adding that little piece of amazing to every day life."

Commenting on the creation, James Whatley, marketing director at 1000heads, says, "The Nokia Gift Machine is Nokia's way of giving something back to the attendees of Social Media Week. Working with the very latest Foursquare APIs, as well as Foursquare's various teams stateside to help create this awesome piece of tech has been a fantastic experience and overall, we couldn't be happier with the result."

In more detail:

The Nokia gift machine was created by 1000heads and Nokia, and uses the Foursquare location based service to dispense cylindrical gifts to anyone "checking-in"

When a user checks-in the machine registers that unique log-in and releases one gift. For the remainder of that day, the user may not check-in again until the following day (one check-in per user). Inside the machine are random gifts, ranging from Butterfinger chocolates to Nokia smartphones .

It is currently located at: Skypark, 8 Elliot place, Glasgow,