The MMO Report: Rainbow lightsaber edition

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The MMO Report: Rainbow lightsaber edition
The hardest thing to smuggle
Welcome to another exciting episode of The MMO Report, now with 100% more beard.

That's right, the first note on the agenda today is BioWare's announcement that same-gender romance arcs will indeed be present in Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare claims that the feature couldn't be implemented at launch, citing time and design constraints.

Next up on the list is DC Universe Online's imminent free-to-play transition. Players will be able to choose between playing for free and shelling out for DLC and extra character slots or subscribing to the game with the benefit of expanded character slots and free DLC.

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft's patch 4.3 is gearing up for release, and it will bring the end of an era with it. When the patch, titled Dragon Soul, goes live, players will finally be able to bring an end to Deathwing's reign of terror. And of course, with the help of the new Transmogrification system, they'll be able to look dashing while they do so.

Dragon Nest is next in line with the announcment of its official launch, and Red 5 Studios announces the inclusion of in-game pets in upcoming MMOFPS Firefall.

And of course, no episode of The MMO Report would be complete without a trip into Uncle Casey's mailbag, so for all of the meme-tastic goodness, click on past the cut to watch the full video.

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