Champions Online's September Ask Cryptic: Introducing the UNTIL Field Report

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Champions Online's September Ask Cryptic: Introducing the UNTIL Field Report
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It's time for Champions Online's September edition of Ask Cryptic, and as always, it's packed with delicious Q&A goodness. Many questions are related to new content, new powersets, and when players can expect either. The answers vary but for the most part seem to be variations of "we're working on it, but we can't give you a date yet." The same goes for the Nemesis system, though players who were hoping for theme-specific story arcs seem to be out of luck. Costume change animations are also requested, and the team says that such animations are in the works but will likely not see the light of day until further down the line.

If you're more interested in what's coming to the game in the immediate future, though, Cryptic has you covered there as well. The team has introduced a forum feature known as the UNTIL Field Report. These Field Reports will be posted every other month alongside the State of the Game letter and will provide players with a status report on many fixes and upcoming features. It's important to note that the Field Reports are not intended to be comprehensive, but rather are meant to give players an idea of what they can expect to see in the near future and to give them a single place they can go to voice comments or concerns.

For the full, meaty Ask Cryptic article as well as the premiere UNTIL Field Report, head on over to the official forums and take a look.
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