VidRhythm adds user-uploaded tracks, has Harmonix eyeing iOS for the future

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VidRhythm adds user-uploaded tracks, has Harmonix eyeing iOS for the future
"Initial reception has been great," Harmonix creative director Josh Randall told me in an email exchange earlier today. He was speaking to Harmonix' latest music creation, VidRhythm, and the success it's seen both critically and commercially on the iOS App Store. "We're at 5-out-of-5 stars on the App store ... in just a few weeks we've seen over 1,000 videos uploaded to YouTube, and we presume over that number to Facebook."

And today, Harmonix launched its first major update to the bizarrely delightful application, albeit not one you'll find waiting in your phone as an update. The VidRhythm user-generated content creator is available now from the official site, allowing folks with the technical chops to cut apart their favorite tracks and add them to VidRhythm. "We can't wait to see what people do with it," Randall added.

But Harmonix isn't done with the application, nor is it done with the iOS platform. While declining my request for specific sales numbers, Randall said, "Suffice it to say it's doing well enough to keep supporting VidRhythm, and to think about what other experiences we can bring to iOS next." More specifically, he told me the VR team is working on adding "even more songs and video styles to play with" in the "next few months." Get your pets at the ready!
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