QReo is for cookie, that's good enough to scan (video)

The medium is the message. That's really all you need to know about this junk food marketing. Integrated ad agency RedPepper, which prides itself on communication via "human-centered, highly-spreadable 'things'," assembled a group of stoners employees to answer the age-old question: can cookies convey QR codes? No, never pondered that ultimate mystery before? Well, bust out the smartphone and get to scanning this collection of 441 black and gold Oreos for the answer. We won't ruin the URL-directing surprise for you, but prepare to be minorly underwhelmed -- it's not like the company's heralding the return of glorious trans fat. Curiosity piqued? Then head past the break for the how'd they do that? hyper-speed video and its Daft Punk backing track. (Disclaimer: No cookies were harmed in the filming of this project, only consumed.)