The Daily Grind: What enemies are almost too cute to kill?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.25.11

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The Daily Grind: What enemies are almost too cute to kill?
The Final Fantasy games are kind of swimming in adorable monsters.
You probably know that in most games, your first enemies are not going to be dragons with jaws that could shred steel. They're going to be something that's fairly non-threatening. But sometimes that goes overboard, and when you step out to do your first quest, the enemies in front of you have all the traits of the most adorable critter ever. Five minutes later, you're finally working up the nerve to actually fight one of them. But you can't because you've already named him Mr. Snuggletimes and you can't stop typing that you'll always remember him.

OK, perhaps that's a touch extreme. But there are enemies in almost every game -- mandragoras from Final Fantasy XI, foxes from Lord of the Rings Online, dragon whelps in World of Warcraft -- that are hard not to find so adorable as to defy your normal killing urge. So what enemies strike you as being almost too cute to actually kill? Given the choice, are there critters you'd rather snuggle than slay?

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