Fusion Garage's Grid 4 smartphone sails through the FCC, Grid OS details flow from user manual

Go on, Fusion Garage -- get down with your bad self. While we'd previously heard that the outfit's $399 Grid 4 smartphone wouldn't hit shelves until "closer to Q4," a surprise stop by the FCC this morning makes us cautiously optimistic that it'll happen -- at least in the US -- sooner rather than later. For those who've forgotten, this guy's packing a 4-inch 800 x 480 LCD, dual-core Qualcomm CPU, 16GB of storage and dual cameras to boot. Moreover, the included user manual sheds a ton of light on how Grid OS will act, and it's the first real in-depth look at how it'll differ from what's already out there.

We're told that there's a built-in web browser, Grid Launcher, support for Yahoo / Google data importing, a contacts app that'll suck names in from just about anywhere, full integration with email / Facebook / Twitter and a "GridDesktop" application that's used to load media from your PC or Mac onto the device. The guide also talks up the status bar, which is located at the top of the Grid 4 screen in order to show "indicators and widget controls for wireless networks, notifications, music playback and volume control." The oddly-named TaoBar is described as a "unique feature that shows details on your current notifications, events and ongoing sensor information, while also offering suggestions that might be of interest." Examples? Things like similar artists whilst listening to music, or pinging you with lunch recommendations when noon rolls around. Eager to see what else the feds put your future unlocked phone through? Give that source link a poke.

Update: We've added a gallery of the FCC's teardown images below. %Gallery-134870%