Samsung Focus S snapped in the wild sipping on micro-USB juice

Can't say that we're caught off guard with this one. Only two weeks ago, AT&T announced the first three members of its Windows Phone Mango lineup, charting out an Autumn debut for the handsets, but only giving us a glimpse of the Titan. So, it should come as no shock to see Samsung's update to its popular WP device, the Focus S, getting its charge on in the wild. The leaked shot over on PocketNow, gives us a tilted preview of the 4.3-inch phone, the usual offering of three capacitive buttons and its sleek, rounded edges. There's not much in the way of gadget porn here considering the lone, off-center image, however, we do officially know that that currently unlit screen boasts a Super AMOLED Plus display and, lurking beneath it, is a 1.4GHz processor. An official street date has yet to be set for this 4G phone (the company didn't specify if this would be LTE-ready), but expect to see it hit the orange-colored carrier sometime very soon.