Budget-friendly Roku LT pops up at the FCC as the 2400X (Updated with pics)

Well, this is kinda interesting: a brand new Roku just hit the FCC, sporting model number 2400X. Beyond the fact that we just got a trio of new streaming media boxes from the company, the model number would almost seem to imply this is a last-gen device (the Roku 2 lineup all start with "30"). It's clear the Roku LT (the name it will eventually go to market with) is going to be the new low-cost member of the family, but it's not just rebranded old tech. Inside is the same Broadcom 2835 SOC that powers the Roku 2 XD, XS, and HD and, while it tops out at 720p just like the low-end HD, it actually sports more RAM than the current budget model. Presumably the loss of Bluetooth and the SD slot will offset any cost increase associated with moving up to 256MB of memory. When the Roku LT will actually ship and how much it'll cost is anyone's guess, but we'd put our money on soon and cheap. For a few more specs check out the chart after the break.

Update: We got ourselves some exclusive pics of the upcoming Roku LT, check 'em out in the gallery below.

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Roku LT Comparison Chart