Penclic Mouse pointing device set to roll out in US and Canada

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Penclic Mouse pointing device set to roll out in US and Canada
The Swedish-designed Penclic Mouse has already been making the rounds in Europe for a little while, but it looks like it's now finally ready to make the jump to North America. While there's still no firm word on pricing or availability, Prestige International has confirmed that it will be bringing the device to both the US and Canada, where it will be available at Best Buy, Walmart and other major retailers. As you can probably surmise, the device itself is quite literally a combination pen / mouse (the two pieces remain attached), which the company says provides a "relaxed working position and advanced precision." As in Europe, the device will be available in both wired and wireless versions, and it's Mac and PC compatible. Check out the gallery below for a closer look.%Gallery-134992%
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A Penclic hand is a happy hand!

Perfect feeling! Fast and smart with a sleek design.

Penclic Mouse™ places superior navigation at your fingertips. This computer mouse will make hours of working and surfing more comfortable and efficient. The pen-grip provides a relaxed working position and advance precision. Penclic Mouse™ provides amazing user experience and you will work smarter with increased productivity. It is the latest Scandinavian designed computer mouse which prevents and eases your pain.

Perfect precision and speed is now at hand!

Penclic Mouse™ looks, feels and moves like a pen. It offers you simplicity and the ability to utilize and benefit from the fantastic natural control we have in our fingertips and hands. The mouse provides an amazing user experience. It feels like the mouse itself predicts where you are planning to move the cursor. This high precision allows for movements and abilities unlike any other computer mouse on the market.

The perfect position

Penclic Mouse™ creates a relaxed working posture to secure your strength. It allows your forearm rests on the work surface. You can move the mouse cursor all over the computer screen quickly and effectively. Penclic Mouse™ counteracts static tensions in your arms, shoulders and neck.

Technical facts

Penclic Mouse™ is a 5 buttons and scroll wheel mouse with laser sensor. The switch bar resolution is between 800-2400 DPI and it operates on almost any surface without any pad or tablet. The mouse connects easily via USB and is Mac & PC compatible. Penclic Mouse™ is available in two models, a wired and a wireless with rechargeable 1xAAA (included).
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