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PlanetSide 2 devs answer questions via Twitter

Jef Reahard
September 28, 2011

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MMO Crunch has the details on Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2 Twitter question-and-answer session that went down on September 16th. The chat covered a lot of ground and answered quite a few of the PlanetSide nation's most burning questions.

What kinds of questions?

Well, there are bits about customizable armor, bunny hopping, strafing, sun glare as it affects pilots, online vs. offline skill training, and dozens more where those came from. PlanetSide 2 fans will also be happy to know that each of the game's continents will support over 2000 simultaneous players, and said continents will feature varied environments including snow-covered terrain, glaciers, and forests. Check out an abbreviated list of discussion points after the break.

  • Resources help players unlock items, add-ons and even accelerate certificate learning
  • Lots of faction-specific infantry weapons and variations
  • It will include a robust achievements syste
  • No medical terminals so far
  • Bases will span multiple hexes
  • No long-range artillery is planned at this time
  • No stamina bar, sprint speed depends on role/class
  • Lore gets an update
  • Facilities will still have a Sphere of Influence
  • Upon login, players are presented with a world map showing available missions
  • No Empire-specific HUDs, vehicles do have unique HUDs
  • Bunny-hopping will be possible, but will not give "much" of an advantage.
  • Armor will be customizable
  • ADAD (strafe) spamming will not be possible
  • No animations for entering/exiting vehicles, there will be vehicle "start up sequences".
  • GUI is not currently customizable, but will be at some point
  • Sun glare will not effect pilots
  • There will be different voices for voice macros, some specific to a faction
  • Galaxy troop deployment is being discussed, although no guarantee it will be included
  • Players stats will be available on the web and via mobile apps
  • No stealth vehicles currently
  • More than one continent at launch
  • Online training will be more than twice as fast as offline
  • Bases still have generators
  • Continents will support 2000+ plus players
  • Squad Leaders can choose any class and receive passive perks and coordination tools
  • Continents will have multiple different environments including snow, forest, glacier
  • No MAC support so far
  • Working hard to prevent cheating and aim-botting
  • No pilot class, any non-heavy infantry class can pilot/gun in a vehicle.
  • There will be Killboards
  • MAX suites will have a melee attack
  • There is built-in voice chat
  • PlanetSide 2 runs on its own FORGELIGHT graphics engine
  • There will be automated and manned defenses for all bases
  • Currently no dual monitor support, but possibly added in the future
  • You can still kamikaze your Gal (ship) into players
  • All weapons from PS1 will return in some form
  • Friendly-fire is on
  • BFRs will not be returning
  • Medics cannot be infiltrators
  • Facilities will have multiple objectives before you can take one over

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