Reakktor and gamigo release Black Prophecy tutorial videos

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.29.11

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Reakktor and gamigo release Black Prophecy tutorial videos
Black Prophecy - docking tutorial
If you're having trouble sleeping at night, Reakktor and gamigo have a series of new Black Prophecy tutorial videos that just might do the trick. OK, that's mean, but the producers could stand to work on the monotone voiceover that drones throughout the entirety of three separate clips.

Happily, the clips themselves are pretty informative, and they cover interface basics, advanced UI features, and basic game functions. If you're new to MMOs or new to the world of Black Prophecy, it's probably worth spending the 10 minutes required to check them out (and of course you can do so after the break). Just make sure you've got a Red Bull instead of a glass of warm milk.

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