Star Wars: The Old Republic accidentally taunts potential testers [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.30.11

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Star Wars: The Old Republic accidentally taunts potential testers [Updated]
Neither the writer of this post nor our SWTOR columnist are currently in the beta, for the record.
What's the worst thing that can happen when you're waiting for a chance to play a highly anticipated game? Being inadvertently taunted about the fact that you aren't in the beta. Star Wars: The Old Republic recently sent out a short survey asking for beta testers to take part, in the hopes of improving the overall testing experience. The only problem was that it wasn't sent out to testers... it was sent out to everyone who had signed up to potentially be a tester.

A thread on the official forums has already reached absurd length, causing server hiccups and intermittent inability to properly access all areas of the site. It's unknown how BioWare will apologize for this mishap (aside from a mention on their Facebook page) -- certainly it's not hurting anyone, but it's probably the last thing that most people not involved in the current beta would like to see. And if you see this message in your email, rest assured, it's no scam... just poor cross-pollination of mailing lists.

[Update: BioWare has officially confirmed that the emails were sent in error. "We can't apologize enough for getting your hopes up. Sorry again. Those responsible will endure a thousand years in the Sarlacc Pit," said Stephen Reid over Twitter.]
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