Fallen Earth's newest patch aimed at improving a life of crafting

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.01.11

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Fallen Earth's newest patch aimed at improving a life of crafting
Craft zombies are scary at first, but when they catch you they just steal your random junk and try to use it to assemble an assault rifle.
Crafting has always been one of the major elements of Fallen Earth, and with good cause, really: you're in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and you can't just buy all your supplies down at the S-Mart. But that doesn't mean crafting is all roses and happy thoughts; some items are far rarer than necessary and others present in useless abundance. It's ripe for some revisions, and that's exactly what the game's newest patch, set for release on October 4th, is meant to address.

Several recipes have been streamlined, with unnecessary parts removed from the equation to make a crafter's life easier. At the same time, craftable items are being removed from merchant inventories, encouraging players to seek out other players or assemble the items themselves. If you're feeling a bit leery of the changes, though, fret not -- you still have a couple of days left to stock up on materials.
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