ASIMO mimics your every move, edges closer towards Single White Robot territory (video)

Hey, look Engadgeteers! It's another Kinect hack -- except this one uses a real deal robot. Honda ushered ASIMO out to the crowds at IEEE's 2011 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems to show off its newly acquired pop and lock skills. Alright, so the silicon-gutted fella can't krump with the best of'em yet, but he can probably do the locomotion -- it all depends on your dance repertoire. After toiling away in their mad scientist lairs, the researchers behind the bot have managed to devise a means of mimicking human movement that translates mapped points on a user's upper body into real-time, robot-replicated motion. The devious among you are likely imagining left-of-center uses for the tech, but let us deflate that mischievous balloon; there'll be no instances of "stop hitting yourself ASIMO" here, as engineers have built-in collision and stability safeguards. The so-lifelike-it's-Uncanny advancements don't end there either, since ASIMO also contains a database of text-inspired gestures -- giving our future robot friend a means of physically expressing his cold, "I hate you so much right now" robo-tone. Other than finding himself at home in Italy, these innovations are sure to put ASIMO on the other end of our remote-controlled behest. Click on past the break to see this automated mime drop it like it's hot.