Mango rollout going smoothly, now available to half of all Windows Phones

Bring. It. On. Rolling out a phone update tends to take a few weeks before it's available to everyone, so we were expecting Windows Phone to have its share of hiccups when doling Mango out to several different models simultaneously across the globe. As it turns out, Redmond's just as surprised at its silky smooth outcome as everyone else; in fact, it's going so well that the team's decided to open the floodgates ahead of schedule and make the refresh available to no less than half of all Windows Phone devices. According to Microsoft, the update still isn't ready to be unleashed to the masses because it's still "collecting and analyzing installation data from [their] smaller operators, and need to watch it a bit longer." The team also mentions that this information gets collected as more users download their updates, which means the fate of the unlucky half rests solely on the fortunate 50 percent. Those of you who can download Mango and still haven't, think of the tremendous power -- and awesome responsibility -- now resting in your tiny hands.

[Thanks, Stephen]