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Real Racing 2 shows off iPhone 4S' graphical chops, brings split screen gaming to iOS (video)

Rearing to make the most of the iPhone 4S' new AirPlay compatibility? How about streaming not just one device to your big screen, but four? That's the setup Firemint is teasing for its next big update to Real Racing 2: four-player streaming over AirPlay. The apps' upcoming "Party Play" feature lets an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S play host to up to three additional iOS devices running the game, piping the stream for all four to your boob tube via Apple TV. The update also promises to make the most of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S' A5 processor, kicking the graphics up a notch. Now you can relive those lazy summer days playing Mario Kart in your friends garage, albeit with faster cars and minus those infuriating blue shells.