Age of Wulin videos show life skills, combat

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.10.11

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Age of Wulin videos show life skills, combat
Age of Wulin - Clawed girl
More Age of Wulin beta news is on tap courtesy of MMO Culture, and more video footage is available as well. The free-to-play fantasy sandbox just opened its initial closed beta phase to the Chinese market, and as a result we're getting a first look at some of the game's unique features and skills.

While most MMOs focus completely on combat, Age of Wulin features some very intriguing non-combat aspects, many of which are found in the life skills tree. In addition to traditional gathering and crafting disciplines, there are also sewing, musician, artist, chess, fortune teller, and beggar skills, just to name a few.

Combat isn't forgotten, course, and you can view a basic combat tutorial video and some life skill clips after the break.

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