Wilson Electronics debuts the AWS 70 signal booster to bring life to your office's T-Mobile dead zone

See that beauty up above? That, dear friends, is the Wilson Electronics AWS 70 signal booster. We know, it doesn't look like the standard-issue 50-cent sticker that you slap underneath your battery, right? This beefy guy is meant to be a thousand times more effective, aiming to amplify your office's poor AWS signal -- most notably T-Mobile, but any 1700 / 2100 AWS connection can benefit -- by a total gain of 70dB. The booster offers the ability to manually adjust the amount of gain for uplink and downlink separately, so you can optimize it however you deem fit. With a MSRP of $360, it's not for the weak-walleted -- you'll likely want to put it on the company tab. If you're interested in how this all goes down, check out the presser below.

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Wilson Electronics Introduces AWS 70 Indoor Signal Booster at CTIA Enterprise & Application 2011

New signal booster is the most affordable AWS booster available, providing a strong
reliable signal indoors for all devices operating on the AWS 1700/2100MHz band

St. George, Utah – Oct. 10, 2011 – Wilson Electronics (,
manufacturer of North America's top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, has
announced the availability of the company's AWS 70 signal booster, built to improve
the performance of phones, data cards and tablets operating on the Advanced Wireless
Services (AWS) 1700/2100 MHz band.

The signal booster is on display at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011, booth #806 in
San Diego.

With a suggested retail price of $359.95, the Wilson AWS 70 is the most powerful and
most affordable consumer AWS booster available. With maximum gain of 70 dB, the
AWS 70 provides a strong, reliable signal to an indoor coverage area, more than double
the size of that of other competing boosters on the market today.

"Wireless customers using the AWS networks of T-Mobile™ and Metro PCS™ in the
U.S., and multiple other carriers in the U.S. and Canada, can now get the same Wilson
signal boosting benefits that those on other networks have enjoyed," said Joe Banos,
Wilson Electronics COO. "This booster will bring excellent AWS signal coverage to
those experiencing weak or blocked signal indoors."

This maximum indoor coverage area makes the AWS 70 ideal for multi-story or
larger single story buildings plagued by weak, unreliable signal. The result is reliable
connections where before there was weak or no signal, and faster data transfer speeds.

Wilson signal boosters feature cell site protection technologies developed over more
than a decade of research and development. These protections, many of which are not
provided by competing boosters, give peace of mind to system integrators, installers and
end-user customers who don't have to worry about causing cell site interference as some
poorly designed competing products could cause. These safeguard features make it the
safest consumer AWS booster currently available.

The AWS 70 features separate adjustable gain controls - one for the uplink (device-to-
tower communication), and another for the downlink (tower-to-device communication).
These gain controls allow the unit's gain, or signal amplification level, to be optimized
for its specific location. This also simplifies the installation process by allowing for more flexibility in the correct placement of the booster's interior and exterior antennas.