Wilson Electronics Sleek signal booster reviewed: surprise, it works!

Signal booster

. There, we said it. Quick -- what immediately comes to mind? We're guessing you're suddenly disgusted by the fact that you paid $19.99 (plus a nominal shipping and processing fee) for one of those worthless stickers back when your Snake-laden Nokia candybar had the worst reception of all time, but Wilson Electronics' Sleek is a horse of a different color. Our good pals over at Gadling were able to test out the Sleek after catching it at CES, and amazingly enough, they found that it worked exactly as advertised. It's engineered to be mounted in a car so that your phone can rest in the cradle while you use some sort of headset to communicate, but an AC adapter is available for those who need a boost indoors. The only real downside (besides the steep $129 asking price) is that you can't very well have your mobile in the cradle and the cradle upside your head. Unless, of course, you're still looking to relive the days when Sidetalkin' was all the rage. Man, where's the N-Gage when we need it?