Fallen Earth's spiked chopper debuts in new trailer

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.11.11

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Fallen Earth's spiked chopper debuts in new trailer
Fallen Earth - spiked chopper
Why did the Fallen Earth chicken cross the road? To get a closer look at the game's new choppers of course. When we say choppers, we mean badass bikes and not helicopters (although that would be cool too -- chop chop GamersFirst).

Anyway, as we reported earlier this week, Wednesday marks the final day to subscribe to Fallen Earth prior to its free-to-play/hybrid makeover, and the faithful will receive a new spiked chopper mount for their trouble. You can take a good long look at the bike -- as well as plenty of post-apocalyptic wasteland visuals and the aforementioned chicken -- in the latest game trailer after the cut.

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