Caption Contest: Mavis Beacon teaches biking

Brian Heater
B. Heater|10.13.11

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Brian Heater
October 13th, 2011
Caption Contest: Mavis Beacon teaches biking
Pee-wee's beloved bicycle has nothing on this bad boy. The two-wheeler's got a full-sized keyboard, some big red knobs and a miniature screen on its handlebars, for those who have to do some serious content creation whilst weaving through traffic. Sure it's not the safest solution on the road, but inspiration can strike when you least expect it -- then again, so can oncoming cars.

Michael: "Pen > sword, but car > keyboard. Hope the owner's got life insurance."
Brian: "Fortunately the victims just walked away with whiplash and a bad case of carpal tunnel."
Tim: "Dang! You got shocks, pegs... lucky! You ever send off any sweet TXTs?"
Don: "Here's that bike messenger you asked for, boss."
Terrence: "When Billy told his friends he got a new bike they asked, 'but can it play Crysis?' Little did they know..."
Richard Lawler: "Now potential thieves have to decide between using bolt cutters or rainbow tables."
Zach Honig: "Hey Giant. Yeah you holding the grocery bag. You're not so big anymore, now are you?"
Billy: "What? No one said anything about biking while typing."
Jon: "Q, you've really outdone yourself this time."
Mat: "Data from the Goonies may have grown up, but his choice in bikes hasn't."
Dan: "At least they weren't lying when they called it 'an unprecedented mobile device.'"
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