RIM tells devs to get ready for BlackBerry Curve Touch and Bellagio

If you're going to give your devs a nugget of info about some of your unannounced devices on a publicly available site, we hope you won't be so surprised that word actually gets out about them. That's exactly what happened to Research in Motion, as the company let it "slip out" to devs that two future BlackBerry OS7 smartphones -- the Bellagio 9790 and Curve Touch 9380 -- are inbound. The whole point in the message was to inform developers of what kind of resolution to expect in the new phones' displays. From the bits and pieces we're given, it appears that the Bellagio will have a 2.4-inch screen using 480 x 360 resolution to produce a respectable 245 PPI; the Curve Touch, on the other hand, will feature an identical res on a larger 3.2-inch display, resulting in a PPI of 189. The probability of hearing an official announcement this week is pretty high, but we'd say the intended (and likely unintended) message has come through loud and clear for now, wouldn't you?