Microsoft's Andy Lees: Nokia will announce 'its Windows Phones' at Nokia World

No surprise here, but you can officially mark Nokia World 2011 down as must-watch TV. Andy Lees just confirmed here on stage at AsiaD that the London-based event, which kicks off on October 26th, will be the launchpad for Nokia's Windows Phones. Yes, phones. As in, plural. He specifically stated: "[Nokia will] have differentiating hardware and software." We've already caught plenty of sneak peeks at what may be on tap, and you can bet we'll be on hand to bring you the details as they're poured out. First Mango, now Nokia. Looks like it'll be quite the holiday season for the WP7 department.

Update: Here's a quote near the end of the interview from Andy. "Nokia will announce its rollout plans with Windows Phone, among other things. It made an evaluation early on, and saw our roadmap for this year and next year, and it decided to bet the whole company on Windows Phone based on that. We've seen that other hardware makers have seen this occurrence as an accelerant, which in turn helps both Microsoft and Nokia. I'm also excited about naming some new OEMs that will be coming onboard [with WP7]."