Nokia 800 press shots leak, Espoo's Windows Phone Mango lovechild now close at hand

Stephen Elop famously fumbled when shots of Nokia's "super confidential" Mango handset made their way to the interwebs. Since then, we've seen footage from the factory floor, and even teases of upcoming marketing materials outing the 800, or the phone formerly known as Sea Ray. Now, leaked press shots over on PocketNow, once again, treat us to a preview of the Espoo / Redmond mobile marriage and its candybar-shaped offspring -- available in blue, pink and black. From what we can see in these renders, the volume rocker, power button and apparent dedicated camera shortcut key are all placed on the right side of the handset, with a speaker grille located at the device's base. Of course, there's that familiar Windows Phone 7.5 live-tiled interface and three capacitive buttons on the handset's screen. For now, that's all she wrote, but is it enough to tide you over 'til its eventual reveal at Nokia World? Our trusty magic 8-balls says, "You may rely on it." We're inclined to agree.