English Court: Top Gear didn't libel Tesla

BBC's Top Gear (it's like The Engadget Show, but for cars) did not libel Tesla Motors when it reviewed the Tesla Roadster way back in 2008. Jeremy Clarkson's review showed the super-EV conking out after 55 miles of driving (a quarter of its expected range), suffering brake failures and an engine overheat that Elon Musk's company flatly denies ever happening. In the High Court, however, Mr Justice Tugendhat said that people could tell the difference between Clarkson's torturous, heavy-footed "powerrrrrrrrr" driving that goes on at Dunsfold Aerodrome, and the staid manner in which people drive on motorways. Tesla still maintains that the review has damaged its image, which is why it's also pursuing a claim for malicious falsehood, yet to be decided -- and on that bombshell, here's the original, legally non-libelous review for your enjoyment... goodnight!