Al Gore praises Apple Board at All Things D conference

Al Gore, Former Vice President and member of the Apple board of Directors, sat down with Walt Mossberg at the recent AsiaD conference held in Hong Kong last week. Besides environmental issues and politics, Gore also talked about Steve Jobs, Apple and its board of Directors. Gore has served on Apple's board since 2003.

Gore had nothing but good things to say about the members of Apple's Board of Directors and praised them for making difficult decisions throughout Steve Jobs's protracted illness.

I have the deepest respect for my fellow board members, we're all very good friends... I think that people who specialize in kibitzing about these things - I respect them, it's good for them to think about this kind of stuff, but I wouldn't change a thing about the way the Apple board has operated.

Apple's board has been criticized in the past for withholding information about Steve Jobs's illness and for not publicizing its CEO accession plan.