H2O Wireless brings no-contract wireless broadband with international roaming to Best Buy, prices it into oblivion

And this, folks, is why Engadget will be first in line once the Occupy International Roaming convention gets underway. Truth is, it's not H2O Wireless' fault that its latest mobile broadband launch is priced in a way that would only appeal to those who spend their spare time printing money -- it's just the way the (crooked) industry works. Outside of picking up a rental MiFi or procuring a local SIM card from well-appointed international airports, your options for Facebooking, Google Mapping and VoIPing whilst abroad are limited. At any rate, the aforesaid company will be teaming up with Best Buy in order to deliver a no-contract mobile broadband plan that includes global roaming in 100 nations. The Worldwide Wireless Internet on-the-go package includes the USB device and H2O Broadband SIM card for $99.99, but you'll need a $30 international roaming data card in order to get -- wait for it -- ten megabytes of international data. For the big spenders, a $50 card is also available to provide 1GB of domestic data. In case we didn't make it crystal clear already, that's entirely too much for too little; we'd still recommend a local SIM upon arrival, or an Xcom MiFi if you'll be departing from the US of A. Full release is after the break, should you feel the need to explore further.

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H2O® Wireless Launches No-Contract H2O® Broadband with International Roaming, Now Available at Best Buy Stores and

Get Online Anywhere in the World With H2O® Broadband,
With No Contract and No Strings Attached

Fort Lee, NJ – H2O® Wireless, a leading provider of no-contract wireless services, today unveiled its no-contract H2O® Broadband with international roaming, now available nationwide at Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, and on Users can conveniently access the web on a laptop, netbook, or tablet from anywhere in the world with no contract, using H2O® Broadband's slim, compact USB dongle and SIM card.

H2O® Broadband no-contract Worldwide Wireless Internet on-the-go package includes the USB device and H2O® Broadband SIM card for just $99.99. Users can add a $30 H2O® Broadband international roaming data card for 10 MB of global wireless internet, for use in 100+ select countries worldwide. A $50 data card for 1 GB of domestic web access is also available.

"H2O® Wireless constantly aims to offer the most practical, cost-wise, and convenient way to access wireless services for domestic users as well as international travelers, without contracts," said Jack Woo, Vice President of Wireless Business at H2O® Wireless. "In our continued effort to unlock the wireless world for our customers, we're excited to bring global access to our broadband users with our new international roaming feature, with nationwide availability at Best Buy."

To purchase H2O® Broadband with international roaming capabilities, visit your nearest Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store, or visit