Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 developer diary looks at ranged classes

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.26.11

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Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2 developer diary looks at ranged classes
The cannon is not a class.
WindSlayer 2 has kicked off its closed beta, giving a select group of players the chance to see how the game plays before it goes live. But for everyone else, the game's previews are the only clues as to how the game will play once you can log in. Here at Massively, we've been posting a series of exclusive diaries straight from the team over at Ignited Games to show off what the game will have to offer players fond of the side-scrolling sprite format.

Our last diary, of course, dealt with the game's three classes devoted to getting within arm's reach of monsters and pounding them senseless -- the melee classes, to be more prosaic. So it's appropriate we have a new exclusive today previewing the game's three ranged classes. Click on past the break for discussion of the Archer, Mage, and Priest -- what they're able to do, how they're meant to play, and what players can expect from each.

Greetings once again Slayers!

With Closed Beta Testing in full swing and players embarking on epic adventurers in the world of Beuritania, it is time to make another entry into the developer's diary. Last time we covered WindSlayer 2's tenacious Melee classes. This time we'll be previewing the Ranged classes: Priest, Mage and Archer.

Aces of Artillery

Unlike the seemingly indomitable melee classes that thirst for close encounters, the ranged classes draw their powers from an arsenal of impressive weaponry or the arcane forces of magic to assail their enemies from afar. With an array of destructive spells, crowd control effects and buffs, the ranged classes can not only keep their enemies at bay but can also provide cover and relief to their party members. Typically seen as frail and vulnerable, this is not the case as each ranged class can completely change the tide of battle and surprise their foes at a moment's notice.

The Pious Priest

Priests are unparalleled in their power to preserve life, restoring the health and spirits of their followers. They are also known to wield righteous spells to smite their adversaries from the heavens. Their magic is for the people; its purpose is to heal the body and protect the innocent, although some Priests have gone to extremes to profess their beliefs in an almost villainous way. Depending on the path chosen, Priests can become extremely potent healers as a Bishop or embrace the dark side to become a Dark Priest.

The Mystical Mage

A Mage studies the flow of magic and bends it to their will to enable them to conjure more powerful spells or to summon and control the elements. In battle they are extremely lethal, casting destructive magical spells that are unparalleled, but lack the physical strength of others due to their pursuit of scholarly perfection. This is only a minor inconvenience to Mages though, as they can easily teleport away from foes getting too close or even levitate and dash away.

The Adept Archer

The masters of ranged combat, Archers are deeply in tune with nature and their senses. Using their surroundings to their advantage, an Archer can easily stalk and vanquish their prey with ferocious efficiency. Their marksmanship skills are renowned throughout the lands, making them ideal Snipers and bounty hunters. Some Archers, known as Beast Masters, choose to delve deeper into their bond with nature, connecting with the beasts that populate the world and calling upon them to do their bidding.

The Adventure Has Just Begun

Even though they appear to be weaker in strength than the melee classes, WindSlayer 2's ranged classes can prove to be just as commanding on the battlefield as their counterparts. Taking advantage of their reach and abilities, the ranged classes are essential to any adventuring party looking to conquer the evils in the world.

Now that you are aware of the character options available to you, next week we'll be discussing the economics of WindSlayer 2 including crafting, enchanting, gathering and the Flea Market. Make sure you visit our newly launched forums and 'Like' us on Facebook as well.
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