Sony limits PS Vita game save options, memory card definitely not optional

We say proprietary and you think, Sony. Isn't that how it usually goes? For the electronic giant's latest reVitalized foray into portable gaming, the same old custom solution is in tow -- now, with limited storage options. According to a report on Kotaku Japan, games made for the handheld will either save your progress to its SD card-like external storage or to the cartridge itself, as SCEI's not offering users any option for overlap or preference. Thinking you might save a few bucks and skip out on the external memory altogether? Well, my frugal gaming friends, think again. Unlike the PSP, titles for the system requiring an external save, in addition to some downloadable content, simply won't play without a memory card on board. Sure, this tidbit of news could prove frustrating to those not indoctrinated to the company's obstinate ways. But, we're willing to bet this device's dazzling innards are enough to help you overlook these minor niggles come next February.