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Twelve South BassJump 2 USB Subwoofer now available, further bumps your Mac's thump (update)

Twelve South BassJump 2 USB Subwoofer now available, further bumps your Mac's thump (update)
Joe Pollicino
Joe Pollicino|October 26, 2011 3:28 AM
At a glance, one could confuse Twelve South's BassJump 2 for a 2011 Mac Mini -- don't be fooled though, this USB subwoofer aims for sound that's anything but. Much like the original BassJump, this guy's aimed at aiding MacBook speakers by adding extra low end boost, and employing proprietary software to keep it in all in check. Improving on the original, however, the BassJump 2 pumps out eight extra decibels of volume and comes with "remastered software," notably featuring iMac and Thunderbolt Display support. If it piques your fancy, the BassJump 2 is now available for about $70 -- much like a pair of utilitarian Grado headphones (or similar), but we digress. Full press release past the break.

Update: For clarification, the BassJump 2 is physically identical the first. According to Twelve South, its updated software is the key new feature and can be downloaded for free if you already own a BassJump.

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Twelve South intros BassJump 2. The world's first USB subwoofer for MacBook just got a lot better.

Charleston, SC, October 25, 2011 – Twelve South introduces the all-new BassJump 2, a portable, USB-powered subwoofer that turns MacBook Pro or MacBook Air into a travel-friendly sound system. Like the original, BassJump 2 is powered by a single USB connection and uses proprietary software that blends the sound output of the BassJump subwoofer with the output of built-in Mac speakers for dramatically enhanced sound. The new BassJump 2 includes remastered software that delivers greater compatibility and eight more decibels of sound. BassJump 2 is available now at Amazon.com and other outlets for $69.99. More information and images are available at twelvesouth.com.

Software refinements make BassJump 2 compatible with iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display speakers, as well as third party USB and headphone-connected speakers. BassJump 2 enhances the sound of iMacs and Apple Thunderbolt Displays by adding mid- and low-frequencies for a deeper, fuller sound. Minimalists will see a less cluttered workspace but hear better sound without the added clutter of extra power cables and speakers on their desk.

Since its initial release, some of the biggest BassJump fans have been professional musicians, citing sound quality and portability as the key features. BassJump 2 works with most pro audio software, including Apple's Logic Studio, making it an excellent monitor for musicians listening to and editing tracks on the road. Direct feedback from the music community led to several of the enhancements that make the new BassJump 2 sing.

Monty Lee Wilkes, Front of House Engineer for Prince, B-52s, Britney Spears, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Jennifer Lopez and other top acts says of his BassJump, "I can't get over how cool this thing is. I use it every day that I'm in a hotel. I even throw it in my backpack when we have to fly to do a one off and I don't bring my luggage."

Other satisfied owners and fans of BassJump include Ed Simons (of The Chemical Brothers), Ian Watkins (lead singer of Lost Prophets) and Ben Watt (of Everything But The Girl) who uses BassJump with his MacBook Pro and wrote to say that BassJump "is absolutely ace."

With its simple, elegant design and sophisticated software, BassJump 2 makes the great speakers in your Mac sound even better. Perfect for small offices, hotel rooms and on the road, BassJump 2 brings a richer, fuller sound to every note of music your MacBook makes.