EVE dev blog unveils new Gallente battlecruiser

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.27.11

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EVE dev blog unveils new Gallente battlecruiser
EVE Online - Gallente Talos mockup
Another day, another piece of good news for EVE Online. Are we sensing a trend here? At any rate, the latest CCP dev blog reveals the Gallente Talos, the newest New Eden internet spaceship that will find its way into the hands of capsuleers everywhere when EVE's winter expansion finally hits.

If the Talos looks strangely familiar, that's probably because you saw it during EVE's Create a Starship contest last spring. Like its recently revealed Minmatar counterpart, the Talos is a battlecruiser, and CCP describes it as an "in your face glass cannon." Warp to the official EVE website for some more pics and the full dev blog.
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