Star Supremacy hands out treats to beta testers

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.27.11

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Star Supremacy hands out treats to beta testers
Star Supremacy
As Star Supremacy continues its star trek through beta and toward release, Barbily Games has a few treats (but not tricks) in store for testers. After gathering feedback and bug reports from players in the beta, the dev team has whipped up a few hefty updates that should improve the game end-to-end. These updates include an improved UI, a chat system, alliances, item trading, and a tutorial.

And even though the team is mired in beta craziness, there's always time for a little Halloween fun. The Star Supremacy devs have issued a challenge to players to find hidden GM bases. Those that do will be rewarded with special in-game items, such as pumpkin helmets and longevity tokens.

Finally, Barbily is giving away gaming headsets to a few lucky fans that have "liked" the game's Facebook page. The drawing will happen when the page reaches 30,000 likes.

Star Supremacy will be heading into open beta on November 15th.

[Source: Barbily Games press release]
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