In Time - The Game app free today to celebrate film release

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In Time - The Game app free today to celebrate film release

Fans of Justin Timberlake are quivering in their Ugg boots today for the release of the sci-fi thriller In Time. While waiting for the movie to start, they can also download a companion app to the movie for free.

In Time - The Game depicts a "near-future world where time is a finite commodity that can be earned or taken away. Score points by sprinting, jumping and dodging waves of obstacles & assailants across often-hostile city streets on the way to your destination before your time runs out. Players can acquire valuable time by collecting 'time capsules,' or lose time if apprehended by the 'Minutemen.' Players can multiply their scores by giving time to those who most need it, but at the risk of the player's running out of time himself."

The app features actual scenes from the movie, 16 missions, 30 unlockable achievements and Game Center integration for competing with friends. Just remember, though; the app is free today only. Don't run out of time!

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