E-book series details the evolution of iMovie

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E-book series details the evolution of iMovie

I am slowly reading through Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs and, like many of you, I'm fascinated by the complex series of events and people who created the Apple we know today. Another good read that covers a portion of Apple history is a e-book series called Timeline.

Written by John Buck, the two-volume set discusses the history and development of video editing from its early beginnings back in 1898 to the recent development of tools like Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio and QuickTime. The book ends its coverage in the year 2000.

Apple fans will find the second volume particularly interesting, as it chronicles the events that led to the creation of Final Cut Pro, QuickTime and iMovie. It focuses on the engineers and programmers who created these historic software programs, and the machines that influenced the development of the growing field of digital nonlinear video editing.

You'll learn about programmers like Randy Ubilios, who created the early versions of Adobe Premiere and then Final Cut when it was developed by Macromedia, and Ralph Guggenheim, a Lucasfilm employee who created the video group that eventually became Pixar.

You can read some excerpts from Timeline at Buck's website. The book series was released in digital format only and is available from Amazon, iBookstore, Sony Reader store and Barnes and Noble.

[Via The Loop]

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