New EVE video devblog series shows off revamped nebulae

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New EVE video devblog series shows off revamped nebulae
EVE gets new nebula effects
With CCP Games' recent refocusing on in-space content for EVE Online, developers on the floor have been working harder than ever to bring us shiny new toys for the winter expansion. We've already heard that the player-designed Tornado would be released as part of a new tier of gun-heavy battlecruisers, and CCP has gone on to show off the Gallente design also hand-picked from contest submissions.

This week's absolute flood of good news for EVE Online players continues with the first of a new video devblog series shot at CCP's Reykjavik headquarters -- the development hub for EVE. Part 1 of this look at the art department shows off the incredible new nebula graphics we'll be getting as part of the expansion, and hints at the development of a new model for the popular Caldari Raven. The Raven update is part of what Art Manager Benjamin Bohn calls the V3 project, a project that has brought us the new Scorpion model and will continue to deliver revamps of old ships.

Skip past the cut to watch the first in this new video devblog series. Note to viewers: The presenter is in fact carrying a microphone and not a live hand grenade.

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