Two Bosses Enter: Lord Godfrey conquers all in season 2

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|10.31.11

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Two Bosses Enter: Lord Godfrey conquers all in season 2
In Two Bosses Enter, WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches, the bosses of World of Warcraft face off in the squared circle. Your vote determines who wins and claims the season title.

The final round is over, the votes are tallied, and Lord Godfrey takes the win in this season of Two Bosses Enter. It's been a pretty crazy season, with close calls and huge upsets. Vanessa VanCleef, the favored champion and second place hero from last season, faced a narrow defeat by Zanzil in the semi-final matchup and ultimately her defeat. Godfrey's unlikely opponent Zanzil came from behind during a surprisingly grim tournament for trolls, as readers expressed their dissatisfaction with the Troll heroic bosses.

Your champion, without further ado, is Lord Godfrey. Hit the jump for a review of this season and the final outcome.


Pew pew review

Godfrey's akimbo pistols shot twice through fans' hearts, securing him a win over cauldron master Zanzil. Let's review the season and see exactly where the big turning point moments were for your favorite bosses as they squared off in the WoW Insider ring.

High Priestess Azil easily defeated Cookie, the incredibly lame chef, early on in the tournament. Despite the apparent hatred of Azil's voice work, the boulder-tossing boss dispatched Cookie with fierce range, crazy force powers, and a healthy appetite. Foe Reaper 5000 became a warm-hearted fan favorite after his matchup with Commander Springvale, wooing the crowd with whirrs and sparks. Many people were drawn to Foe Reaper's horrible nightmare, as evidenced by Vanessa VanCleef's nightmare serum. Lord Godfrey's first match of the tournament against Venoxis was almost his last, as he only defeated the Troll heroic boss by a hundred or so votes.

Setesh also emerged as a crowd-pleaser, trouncing Halazzi without much effort. To be fair, no one likes Halazzi anyway, so there was no surprise. Vanessa VanCleef and her devout followers pushed her in the tournament with a solid win against Hex Lord Malacrass -- but really, who actually voted for Hex Lord Malacrass except to see Vanessa knocked out of the tournament?

Daakara, the newest leader of the Amani Troll tribe, cut short Temple Guardian Anhuur's dulcet tones. In the closest matchup in the tournament yet, Jan'alai narrowly defeated Corborus by only four votes in a huge, down-to-the-wire fight. Zanzil should have lost his fight against Beauty if anyone was following the way Troll bosses were faring in the tournament, and Alex and I had a theory that no Trolls would get very far based on the fact that people really hate the Troll heroics by now, but Zanzil reigned supreme.

This is the best picture of Lord Godfrey ever. Thank you, WoW TCG.
The semi-finals

Foe Reaper continued his fan dominance with a solid victory over High Priestess Azil, knocking her out of the tournament and making Mike Sacco a happy dude. Setesh's appearance in The Sands of Uldum video made him a little more famous than he used to be, considering he was never really found in the Halls of Origination, since players just bypassed him. His newfound fame was not enough to stop Godfrey's pistol barrage.

Vanessa VanCleef's superstar status was confirmed in her fight against Daakara, beating him by over 900 votes. No one could question now that Trolls were going to have a hard time advancing through the tournament. Zanzil overhelming defeated Jan'alai, giving Zul'Gurub a big win over Zul'Aman. Foe Reaper's mechanical fury was stopped by Lord Godfrey after a fun round of comments on how the fight would have taken place. I particularly enjoyed this matchup and the fans' reactions to how things should have played out.

The biggest upset, however, was the matchup between Zanzil and Vanessa VanCleef. With the stakes piled high against Zanzil for not only being a Troll but for also not being a teenage girl not wearing any pants, I was not sure he could go toe to toe with the Queen of Poisons. Boy, was I wrong. Only 13 votes separated defeat from greatness, with Zanzil edging out the win.

The final match

Many readers thought that the Zanzil versus Lord Godfrey matchup was a solid fight. Both bosses are masters of the undead. Both bosses are ranged fighters. Both bosses know a thing or two about dealing with more powerful entities than themselves. Readers had a hard time thinking this one through which, in my mind, makes it an awesome matchup. Ultimately, however, Zanzil falls to the twin pistol badassery of Lord Godfrey.

WoWie Zowie makes a short but nonetheless poignant point:
godfrey wins because dual pistols. there is no amount of voodoo as bamf as that.
Can you really argue with dual pistols? Also, kids, don't ask your parents what that means.

djsuursoo was pretty much on par with my line of thinking:
oh man. i have GOT to think this one through.

meta: both have got some of the most unique personal style. they're villians you love to fight. guys you wish would show up to help you at sethria's roost during dailies, they're so awesome.

mechanical(partial). they both summon undead types(zombies/ghouls). they both like to toss off really nasty directional AoEs. they both lay out a surprisingly massive amount of firepower.

godfrey's undead. poison gas is useless against those who don't breathe.
zanzil and godfrey both lay out enough damage with directional AoEs that the little adds like ghouls and zombies are more or less negated almost immediately(hilarious would be zanzil getting the ghoul slayer achievement if he won).

the berserkers are a wild-card i think, though not too hard for godfrey to deal with given how nimble he is.

it's going to come down to (former)mano-a-trollo.

this warrants some serious thinking.
I had plenty of ideas for how the fight would play out, especially since these two guys have two totally different styles of destruction. Personally, I think this would be a fight that would be decided on a lucky shot. Godfrey is smart enough and enough of a sharpshooter to hit the Zanzil's adds where it hurts. The right combination of shots from the pistols ends Zanzil pretty quickly, especially if Godfrey can hold his "breath" during the graveyard gas. Zanzil fills the room with gas, laughs and cackles, as Godfrey uses it against his opponent to sneak in and land the right shot at the right time.

So there it is. Season 2 wraps up with a double bang from one badass dude's akimbo pistols. Stay tuned for next week's beginning to season 3, with new champions being announced and a sneak peek at who this season's secret wild card champion will be.

Set aside the world order -- let the WoW Insider Ring determine who's the champion! Your votes determine the outcome in WoW Insider's series of fantasy deathmatches, Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves.
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