Cowon shipping iAudio 10 PMP tomorrow: $160 and up

Remember that stunner of a PMP that Cowon teased us with back in September? Better brush up, 'cause she's shipping out in the US of A starting tomorrow. The iAudio 10 is -- for all intents and purposes -- a refreshed and re-imagined S9, boasting a curved 400 x 240 (3-inch) display, microphone input, TV output, FM radio and a document viewer. Unlike the D3 before it, the company looks to be eschewing Android on this one for its own homegrown operating system, and in typical Cowon fashion, it'll support practically every file format under the sun. The I10-16WH (16GB) will ship in white for $159.99, while the ebony I10-32BL (32GB) edition will go for $199.99. We're told that the Buy It Now link will be live tomorrow, and we'll update this post just as soon as it arrives in our hands. %Gallery-138129%