Dungeons & Dragons Online to launch Update 12 on November 9th

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.02.11

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Dungeons & Dragons Online to launch Update 12 on November 9th
I wanted our headquarters to be in a building.  A normal building.  But no, Norman absolutely had to have a floating platform surrounded by spikes.
Do you feel as if there's a hole in your Dungeons & Dragons Online experience, a hole that could only be filled by the launch of Update 12? Well, then, you're in luck. It looks like Update 12 will be going live on November 9th, just over a week from today, ushering in a new round of changes for players to enjoy. And not just changes -- the game is actually ushering in an entirely new class, the Artificer, unlocked as a favor reward by playing through content of this update and its predecessor.

Not your speed? That's all right; there are plenty of other features listed on the official update page, including the new Challenges system, armor appearance kits, and new hirelings that outclass your character's raw level. It should bring quite a bit of entertainment to both subscribers and free players alike, so if you've been awaiting this patch with bated breath, best mark your calendar.
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