KOF XIII producer promises improved netcode, expresses interest in Vita

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For those of you concerned with the actual game bundled with the King of Soundtracks, SNK producer Kei Yamamoto promises better netcode in King of Fighters XIII. "In order to improve the online performance, our netcode received a complete overhaul," Yamamoto told PlayStation Blog."We reexamined the threshold level, optimized the content of the transmitted data, and changed the way the game handled increased net traffic, among other things."

He also responded noncommittally but positively to the idea of a King of Fighters game on the PlayStation Vita. "The PlayStation Vita controls well," Yamamoto said, "the titles being released are appealing, and user impressions are good, so I am very interested in it, not just as a developer but as a user as well. Personally, I'd love to work on a KOF title for PS Vita if the opportunity arises." It would go great with that tiny arcade stick we couldn't be wishing harder for.
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