Panasonic's Evolta robot completes Ironman Triathlon, promptly rehydrates

The world is a happier place today, because a toy-sized robot has just completed a triathlon in Hawaii. After crawling out of the Grand Canyon and walking all the way from Tokyo to Kyoto, Panasonic's Evolta has finally conquered that Ironman Triathlon -- and it did so in impressive fashion. It all began on October 23rd, when the bite-sized bot and its AA rechargeable batteries embarked on the 230 kilometer (142.9 mile) race with the goal of finishing it within 168 hours. The Evolta ended up reaching this objective with time to spare, completing the run-bike-swim combo on October 30th, in just 166 hours and 56 minutes. The robot reportedly celebrated the achievement with a stiff erythropoietin cocktail. Re-live the magic after the break, in the full PR.

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Panasonic EVOLTA Finishes the 230km Triathlon in Hawaii

OSAKA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC) (TOKYO:6752) ("Panasonic") announced today that the EVOLTA Robot finished its toughest challenge yet, the EVOLTA World Challenge IV, at 10:56am on October 30, 2011 (HAST).

The EVOLTA World Challenge IV began at 12:00pm on October 23, 2011 in Hawaii, USA at the Ironman ® Triathlon Course. Three EVOLTA Robots powered by three EVOLTA AA rechargeable batteries took on the 230km triathlon with a goal of finishing within 168 hours.

Results of the Challenge

EVOLTA Swim Robot finished the 3.8km swim in 5hours and 36 minutes at 5:36pm on October 23.
EVOLTA Bike Robot finished biking 180.2km in 97 hours and 42 minutes at 7:19pm on October 27.
EVOLTA Run Robot finished the 42.2km run in 63 hours and 38 minutes at 10:56am on October 30.
The official result of the 230km triathlon challenge was 166 hours and 56 minutes.

Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi, who is known Internationally as one of Japan's leading creator of robots, the founder of ROBO-GARAGE and a Research Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo, said at the goal ceremony:

"We are happy to have made it to the finish line. I want to thank everyone, every member of the crew and the people of Hawaii. These days, robots are evolving rapidly due to the technological evolution of batteries and various other devices. I believe Panasonic EVOLTA batteries and this challenge have turned a new page in history for the robot industry."