The Canon Hollywood event is tomorrow -- get your liveblog here at 6PM ET!

Canon has been incredibly tight-lipped about its upcoming announcement, with only a few vague details leaking out since the event was announced in September. What we do know is that the imaging company plans to unveil a product that represents a "commitment to play a larger role in the film and television community," and that Martin Scorsese will be on hand -- and we assume he's not there to announce that Sinatra will be shot exclusively with the 5D Mark II. Curiously, Red has scheduled an event for tomorrow evening as well, just a few blocks away from the Canon venue. We'll be coming to you live from Hollywood tomorrow evening, and if the hype is any indication, legacy cinema camera manufacturers have but a few hours left of industry domination. The curtain comes up at 3PM local time, and we've included a handy list of round-the-world start times below. Bookmark this page right here and find out as it happens.

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12:00PM - Hawaii (November 3rd)
03:00PM - Pacific (November 3rd)
04:00PM - Mountain (November 3rd)
05:00PM - Central (November 3rd)
06:00PM - Eastern (November 3rd)
10:00PM - London (November 3rd)
11:00PM - Paris (November 3rd)
02:00AM - Moscow (November 4th)
07:00AM - Tokyo (November 4th)