Sony Ericsson uses six Xperia Neos to capture a 360-degree bike ride (video)

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Sony Ericsson uses six Xperia Neos to capture a 360-degree bike ride (video)
The company currently known as Sony Ericsson's marketing arm (that'd be Xperia Studio) invites artists and scientists to demonstrate the prowess of its mobile phone stable in creative ways. This time, landscape photographer Joergen Geerds was asked to compose a unique 360-degree video. Using a 3D printer, he developed a custom mount to hold six Xperia Neo phones in a ring that was welded to a mountain bike. Cyclist Mark Sevenoff rode along the Slickrock trail in the Moab Desert, Utah as the phones recorded the action. As no software existed to stitch together different video streams, Geerds had to convert every one of the several hundred thousand frames into JPEGs, merge them as stills and then reconvert the whole thing back into video. You can watch the whole interactive film at our source link, and if you're interested in learning more about how Geerds developed the project, we've got behind the scenes video and a press release after the break.

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Sony Ericsson launches Xperia Studio for artists and creative collaborators

3 November 2011, London, United Kingdom – Sony Ericsson has launched Xperia™ Studio, an online entertainment platform for artists and collaborators to create and share their most innovative content. The initiative reflects Sony Ericsson's ongoing commitment to engage with consumers through high-quality entertaining content to inspire them to explore their Xperia™ phones in new ways.

Remaking Reality:
The Sony Ericsson's Xperia™ Studio invites creative thinkers, artists and intellectuals – from collaborative artists in Denmark to astrophysicists in New York – to take the range of Xperia™ handsets to their absolute limits and ultimately 'remake reality'. Content on the platform will be updated at regular intervals from the growing pool of contributors.

Blurring the boundaries of entertainment, technology and communications:
The first phase of the project has seen collaborators from around the world use Xperia™ handsets to create content in unconventional and interesting ways – a flame-thrower camera flash, a view of the universe through the naked eye, capturing the perfect wave, creating a song from the ambient sounds of Paris and most recently capturing the extreme tricks preformed by a BMX crew in Brooklyn. Each project has been video-documented and can be viewed on the Xperia™ Studio platform.

Collaborators from around the world:
The project underlines Sony Ericsson's heritage as an innovator that continually strives to blur the boundaries between entertainment, technology and communications. The first round of collaborators involved in the Xperia™ Studio project includes:

Illutron, a collaborative interactive art studio in Copenhagen
Dr. Joshua Peek, a Hubble Fellow and astrophysicist at Columbia University, NYC
Ed Sloane, a lifelong surfer and innovative surf photographer from Victoria, Australia
Annabel Linquist – an artist and musician from New York
Torey Kish – an extreme sports enthusiast from Brooklyn

For full details, please visit Xperia™ Studio content is also available to Sony Ericsson communities on Facebook ( and Twitter (
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