AT&T SVP: LTE 'coming soon' to NYC

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AT&T SVP: LTE 'coming soon' to NYC
How do you like them acronyms? If you had any doubt that AT&T would bring LTE to NYC in the near future, it's time to put that doubt aside -- sort of. Speaking at the Mashable Media Summit Friday, Senior VP of corporate communications Larry Solomon said that New York City would be sheathed in Ma Bell-branded high speed "soon." Sure it's vague, but it's something. Here's what he had to say:

We're investing about $20 billion this year in our network, adding cell sites in New York City alone, rolling out 4G LTE. We'll have about 70 million consumers covered across the US by the end of this year, and it's going to be coming to New York City soon.

There's no telling when the big city will get it's taste of the AT&T LTE pie, but it will be in good company when it does. The carrier announced just this week that it would add Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore and Athens, GA to its 4G lineup. Video of Mr. Solomon's speech awaits you after the break.

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