Latest EVE dev video talks ship balance and features coming this winter

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Latest EVE dev video talks ship balance and features coming this winter
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Several weeks ago, EVE Online developer CCP Games restructured its company and announced a new laser focus on in-space features for EVE Online. Since then we've seen an absolute deluge of news updates and devblogs on features due for release in the winter expansion. In the first two of CCP's new In Development video series, CCP Guard explored the art department and showed off the new nebula effects, EVE's sharpened shadows and the new tier 3 battlecruisers.

In the latest In Development video, Guard talks to the EVE feature teams about the absolutely massive list of balance changes and features coming with the winter expansion. CCP Soundwave admits that developers have "probably done more rebalancing in the past month than we have in the past two years," before rattling off an impressive list of changes and new features.

Skip past the cut for a brief summary of the changes and to watch the video in HD.

In addition to the previously announced hybrid balance changes, capital ships, supercapitals, logistics ships, destroyers, and the Dramiel are all due for an overhaul. Around 20 new tech 2 modules will be released, providing new things for pilots to train for an invent. CCP Tallest explains that community feedback to his devblogs on capital ship and hybrid rebalancing proved very useful, and has already prompted some internal changes.

CCP Ytterbium talks about the design goal for the tier 3 battlecruiser and new tech 2 modules. In closing, CCP Soundwave reveals that around 60 small features and quality of life improvements will be coming in the expansion, but that some are not so small. Wormhole anomalies will be made more profitable, we'll be getting corp bookmark lists to help organise wormhole and nullsec operations, and starbase fuel will be replaced with a one-size-fits-all fuel pellet system.

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