iHome goes retro futurist with new iP4 boombox speaker dock

We've seen a number of companies put a modern spin on the venerable boombox, but nothing quite like this new iP4 speaker dock from iHome. While it's unmistakingly a boombox, it looks more like a circa-1980s attempt to create a futuristic boombox than simply a modern boombox -- an unused prop from Back to the Future II, perhaps. It is decidedly modern when it comes to features, however, including a dock for your iPhone or iPod, an auxiliary input for your other devices, and a tiny remote. True to its boombox lineage, it can also be operated on six D cell batteries, and it even backs a five band graphic equalizer (updated slightly with an LCD display). Did we mention it's also available in pink? Look for this one to set you back $200.