TDK debuts $499 'Three-Speaker Boombox'

Some recent attempts at a modern boombox may have been less than faithful to the original incarnation, but TDK looks to at least have its heart in the right place with its simply-named "Three-Speaker Boombox." Set for an official debut at CES in January, the $499 device boasts a streamlined design compared to the 1980s-era originals, but it's still unmistakably a boombox and, according to Crave's early hands-on, it pumps out a surprising amount of sound from its 35 watt RMS speakers. You'll also get a full range of audio inputs (including iPhone / iPod support via USB, rather than a dedicated dock), a built-in AM / FM radio, an OLED display on the front and, perhaps best of all, some oversized aluminum knobs. Needless to say, we'll be keeping our eyes out for this one at CES.