Microsoft installs 'biggest Windows Phone ever' in NYC's Herald Square (video)

Thousands of smartphones pass through New York City's Herald Square each day, but few tower higher than a few inches, or run Windows Phone 7.5. In celebration of three new Windows Phones hitting stores -- the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and HTC Radar 4G -- Microsoft has constructed a monstrous six-story "Windows Phone" just a few feet away from the world's largest Macy's store, right in the middle of one of the city's more popular outdoor picnic areas. The gadget sure is huge, but it's not a phone in the traditional sense -- enormous tiles display video feeds transmitted from a control room, and move out of place to accommodate live stage performances. We dropped by for a midday calisthenics session, which surprisingly appeared to be a hit with locals and tourists. There were functioning devices on hand as well, in a makeshift showroom, though those were far less popular than the 55-foot behemoth front and center. Jump past the break to see it in action.%Gallery-138690%