Verizon to begin offering double the data for your buck tomorrow as a limited time promo

The blazing-fast speeds you get from LTE are absolutely wonderful, but the joyride you're relishing can be over rather quickly when you have a capped data plan. Verizon's reportedly offering new and existing 4G-wielding (read: 3G excluded) customers a nice holiday bonus beginning tomorrow: for the same monthly cost, Big Red will give you twice as much data. In other words, $30 will get you hooked up with 4GB, $50 delivers 10GB and $80 can land you a whopping 20GB of total LTE goodness; for everyone else, a 300MB plan should be available for $20. From the sound of it, the deal isn't going to be around for very long, you have to specifically request it via customer service or your online Verizon account and there's been no confirmation as to whether or not customers will be grandfathered into these plans as soon as they're gone. We're still awaiting word from Verizon on additional details, but the extra cap will go quite nicely with your brand-spankin' new RAZR or Galaxy Nexus, we'd say. VZW LTE FTW.

Update: We just stumbled upon a leaked screenshot (shown below the break), courtesy of VZBuzz. If this is the real deal, it confirms that customers will be grandfathered into the promotional plans until they choose to move to a different feature.

Update 2: And we got the official nod straight from Verizon: "Beginning tomorrow, Verizon Wireless will introduce a limited time promotion that offers customers the opportunity to receive double the amount of data for the same monthly fee for all Verizon Wireless 4G smartphones. For example, a customer who purchases the 2 GB plan for $30 will receive 4 GB for $30. The plans is available for new and existing customers. Existing customers need to request the change via customer service or through their My Verizon accounts --- the free portal where customers can view and pay their bill, make changes to their account and purchase new devices."

Update 3: We got additional clarification from Verizon regarding what the company means by "existing customers." In their words: "existing customers who have upgraded their service or purchased a 4G smartphone within the last 14 days will be eligible for the double data plans." So existing customers can only get it if they upgrade, which means anyone who isn't eligible for a new device will unfortunately be left out in the cold.