Four out of ten Androids prefer the taste of Gingerbread

Another month, another land-grab by Android's now-dominant Gingerbread iteration. According to the latest usage stats from its app market, the last smartphone-only version now lays claim to 44.4 percent of all Android phones. We'd put this down to continued efforts by the major phone manufacturers to deliver version 2.3 on their new phones, and not the often haphazard attempts at upgrading existing devices. Froyo, which took nine months to grab a majority share, still claws onto a 40.7 percent share, while Honeycomb on tablets (not included above) scrapes together just under two percent of the Android ecosystem. Hopefully ICS will bring harmony to all Google-powered devices, but it'll be a challenge to best version 2.x's high watermark -- it once captured 83 percent of everything Android.

UPDATED: For those not in the know, these statistics come from the Android devices that accessed the app market in the latest two-week period.